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Maintenance Calendar from January to June


  1. Prune Trees
  2. Training
  3. Snow and ice removal
  4. Order sand and salt as needed


  1. Prune Trees
  2. Turn in summer annual order to Supplier
  3. Cut back grasses
  4. More seed to wildflowers
  5. Order grass seed and fertilizer
  6. Inspect fences for damage


  1. Finish cutting back grasses
  2. Dormant seed turf
  3. Aeration
  4. Prep containers for annuals
  5. Winter clean up
  6. Check pavers for frost heave
  7. Order mulch
  8. Turn compost first time
  9. prep athletic fields for spring sports
  10. All rose pruning should be complete by the end of March


  1. Bike race at Recreation East
  2. Open Pond
  3. Start up irrigation
  4. Fertilize evergreens
  5. Plant high visibility areas with annuals
  6. Mulch for graduation


  1. Finish planting annual/perennial beds and winter kill replacements
  2. Prepare for special Olympics
  3. Saturday morning OT for Graduation
  4. Acquire sports schedules for summer(Recreational Sports & Athletics
  5. Pull weeds
  6. Check for early signs of insect and disease
  7. Fertilize turf, aerate turf(2nd time)
  8. First edging of walkways
  9. Acid fertilizer to lilies, azaleas and rhododendrons
  10. Seeding dead patches along walks
  11. Write new blanket contracts


  1. Boy's and Girl's State(mid to late month) Quad
  2. First weekend, Special Olympics
  3. Prune groundcovers (rotating schedule every other year)
  4. Prune shrubs after bloom(especially trim back roses after spring bloom
  5. Water annuals and spring planted materials
  6. Weed
  7. Sycamore Advantage(Dede, Erickson / Burford)
  8. Aeration-rotating schedule
  9. Deadheading
  10. Review blanket contract bids
  11. Finish spending for fiscal year
  12. Pull daffodil leaves(or cut)