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Holly is a genus of approximately 600 species of flowering plants. Holly is commonly referenced at Christmas time.

This diverse family of plants is popular because they are easy to grow, most are evergreen and they can add interest even to the winter landscape with red berries. Whether you are looking for a dwarf foundation plant, no taller than three feet, or an evergreen tree, you can find a plant in the holly family.

                                                                                                                    Holly sp.

Hollies are dioecious plants which range in size from a mature height of 18 inches to plants growing 50 feet taller or more. The plant may be evergreen or deciduous. And color is a choice; there are green forms, blue forms, and variegated foliage. The shape can vary from columnar, to rounded forms, pyramidal shapes or weeping forms. When the foliage falls off, you are left with branches loaded with bright red berries all winter.





                Holly sp.