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Gro-Low Sumac

Rhus aromatic is the botanical name of gro-low sumac. It is a perfect, woody groundcover for covering flat and sloping areas. In late spring gro-low sumac is covered with profuse tiny yellow flowers. The summer foliage is shiny and dark green and turns orange, red and burgundy in fall. It grows readily in all types of soil including clay.

                                                                                                                Rhus aromatic

Gro-low sumac is a dense, low-growing, rambling shrub which spreads by root suckers and typically grows only to 1-2' tall but spreads to 8' wide. Trifoliate, medium green leaves turn attractive shades of orange and red in fall. Leaves and twigs are aromatic when bruised. Leaves are smaller. Gro-low sumac is a totally non-poisonous plant.

Tiny yellow flowers bloom at the twig tips in early spring before the foliage. Separate male flowers (in catkins) and female flowers (in clusters) appear on the same plant (monoecious) or, more commonly, on different plants (dioecious). Male catkins form in late summer and persist throughout the winter until eventually blooming in spring. Female flowers give way in late summer to small clusters of hairy, red berries which may persist into winter. Fruit is attractive to wildlife.




            Rhus aromatic