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Solenostemon is a genus of perennial plants commonly known as coleus, a name which derives from an earlier classification under the genus name Coleus, species of which are currently included in either Solenostemon or another genus, Plectranthus.

The plants grow well in moist well-drained soil, and typically grow 0.5-1 m tall, though some may grow as tall as 2 meters. Coleus is typically grown as ornamental plants. They are heat-tolerant, though they do less well in full sun in subtropical areas than in the shade.

                                                                                                              Solenostemon sp.

In mild areas (no snow in winter), plants can usually be kept as perennials if well managed. Whereas cultivation in colder areas, they are often grown as annuals as they are not hardy and become leggy and unattractive with age. There are two ways to propagate coleus. One way is to sprinkle seeds on the surface soil and press down. The other way is the use of cuttings.





         Solenostemon sp.