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Burning Bush

Euonymus alata is the botanical name of burning bush shrub. Burning bushes are attractive deciduous shrubs with ridged stems and vaselike upright form.

For most of the year, the cork-like strips that protrude from this plant's branches are its chief selling point – These horizontal branches make this an interesting plant in winter. However, all that changes in fall, when burning bush shrubs put on a fall foliage show for the ages. The fall foliage color ranges from red to pinkish-red. It also bears reddish-orange berries in fall. The shrubs become more spreading as they mature at a height of 10 to 15 feet.

                                                                                                               Euonymus alata

This deciduous bush withstands acidic or alkaline soils and a wide range of temperatures.

The burning bush has been added to the invasive species watch list, as it has invaded the Indiana forests. We are therefore not planting any additional burning bush on campus in the future.







          Euonymus alata