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Facilities Management is pleased to partner with TMA solutions in the launch of our new Computerized Maintenance Management System to better serve our campus community!

Please read the following information carefully to learn about the new changes and how this will significantly affect the way you request non-emergency services:

What is happening?  We will be going live with a new computerized maintenance management system on December 1, 2014 for all building maintenance and estimate requests, with the exception of Residential Life maintenance requests.

Who is impacted?  All ISU Faculty and Staff who submit work requests for building maintenance needs in academic, administrative, and auxiliary buildings.  This does NOT pertain to Residential Life operated facilities, as they have their own maintenance management system and process.

Why is this being done?  ISU is implementing this new maintenance management system to improve the entire maintenance process from customer feedback and response to improved maintenance management, tracking, and reporting.

How will this impact me?  If you need to request a non-emergency service or request for estimate through ISU’s Facilities Management Department, you will now submit your request electronically through the web-based application called TMA.  Non-emergency work requests will no longer be accepted via e-mail, phone, or other verbal means for non-emergency services.  Once you have successfully submitted your request, you will receive automatic status updates regarding your request throughout the response/repair process until completion.

Any emergency which creates a safety hazard or poses a threat to person or properties (such as smoke, electrical hazards, broken glass, gas leak, etc.) should still be phoned into our office immediately at 8100.  Please note: building and room temperature adjustment requests are NOT considered emergencies and must be submitted through TMA

Please refer to these tutorial links for instructions on submitting requests or checking your request status:

*** Instructions for Requesting Service or Estimate ***

*** Instructions for Checking Status of Requests  ***