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 EXCITING NEWS--THE RAINFOREST HAS ARRIVED! A rainforest habitat display has been added adjacent to the new coral reef habitat on the first floor of the ISU Science Building. This unique educational/outreach attraction has been designed and built by undergraduates, and is populated with tropical plants, colorful tree frogs and fish. The habitat features a waterfall, a pool, and fog. Adopt a frog by supporting its care, and you can name it--ask Dr. Rathburn about the details. We are depend upon your donations to help maintain the tank. Any size donation is welcome.

The rainforest tank is home to 18 colorful dart frogs, along with a variety of tropical plants (including orchids, vines, big-leaf plants, and colorful plants) that are compatible (not poisonous to) the frogs. We also have small, freshwater fish that live in the "pond" that the waterfall flows into.  We have a similar adopt a fish program with fish and invertebrates in the coral reef tank. Donations can be made through the ISU Foundation Aquarium Fund, and this can be through cash, check, credit card, or a payroll deduction (regular, long term payroll deductions are great because they enable to have a continual source of funding to feed the creatures and maintain the tanks). These donations are tax-deductible, and the details are included below. If you would like specific information about a creature or plant, or would like to choose a particular frog, please contact us.

The display will be used for educational and community outreach programs that include school tours, as well as for the recruitment of students into the basic sciences. This endeavor is made possible through a private donation and through the cooperative efforts of Inland Aquatics in Terre Haute, other local and national businesses, and the department of Earth and Environmental Systems, and the Science Education Program. We currently have two displays, one (225 gallons) with a living coral reef community (salt water) and a rainforest habitat, as well as a TV monitor that will constantly run educational programs and recruitment information.  The tanks are monitored by web cams, and live views are available on-line and in the Science Building classrooms. We have recently received funding to upgrade the web site service and the monitor mounted in the wall between the two tanks. The aquariums and TV monitor are framed in oak with glass windows and access is restricted for security purposes. Students wishing to gain hands-on-experiences in working with aquatic and rainforest communities will be trained and employed to maintain the aquarium display. We believe this display will be one of the highlights of any campus tour, and will serve as a visual symbol demonstrating the College of Arts and Sciences mission toward departmental collaboration, community outreach, research, and recruitment.

HERE IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP! All of the physical attributes are in place. However, we are in need of funds to maintain the tanks with a wide assortment of creatures, and to purchase accessories to make the tanks operate efficiently. The prices of organisms range from a few dollars to over $200, and the prices of desired equipment ranges from tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars. Your donations will help support, sustain, and improve the quality of our educational/outreach display.

Regular, long-term donations toward the maintenance and improvement of the display are especially welcome. All of these donations are tax deductible, with 50% of the donation (up to $100 per person) taken off the top of your State Income tax. For more details, see

We can accept cash, checks, major credit cards, electronic fund transfer and payroll deductions.
You can continue to enjoy your contribution to the aquarium display throughout the year on your computer monitor by using on-line access to our webcam feeds. With your generous donation, you can help us promote education, community outreach and the basic sciences at Indiana State University. Thank you so much for your help.

Donations for the Aquarium or Terrarium can be sent to:
Dr C. Russell Stafford
Department Chairperson
Department of Earth & Environmental Systems
Indiana State University
Science Building Room 159
Terre Haute, IN 47809
Be sure to indicate that you wish for your donation to go to the Aquarium Fund.
Donations can be sent to the ISU Foundation "Aquarium Fund" at the following address:
Indiana State University Foundation
Aquarium Fund
30 N. 5th St
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Checks should be made payable to the ISU Foundation (Aquarium Fund). Call 1-812-514-8400 or toll free (800) 242-1409 to arrange for credit card contributions or other means of donation. Be sure to indicate that you wish for your donation to go to the Aquarium Fund.



(Remaining estimated cost for Terrarium and Aquarium equipment and organisms)

1.  Frogs (Dendrobates Species)


            Likely only Two species will be allowed in the tank as they are territorial.


                        Dendrobates leucomelas up to five………………………..$50 each

                        Dendrobates ventrimaculatus up to five…………………..$60 each


It is unclear as of yet exactly what frogs we will get but the above two species are very likely candidates

2. Frog Food


                        These guys are always hungry and on-going assistance will be needed to insure that food is always available for the frogs.  They will be fed Fruit Flies (D. melanogaster)


            Estimated monthly feeding cost ……………..$50




3. Additional Fish for Reef Tank


            Several are still desired including the following. Prices are based upon local fish store prices. Any items ordered off the internet undergo a large shipping charge in addition to retail price. Different fish are possible this is just a known list of wanted fish.


                        Achilles Tang…………………………….$100

                        Pair of Green Mandarins…………………$50

                        Pair of Pearly Jawfish………………….…$85

                        Herom of Anthias (squareblock)…………~$200 (availability?)

                        Emperor Angel…………………………..$100

                        Copperband Butterfly……………………$80

                        Rainford’s Gobies………………………..$30 each



4.  Additional Corals for Reef Tank

         Prices on corals are based primarily on their availability.

            Soft and Stony corals will be needed to complete the reef. Total cost for corals could easily reach $1000.00 so any donation for this cause is greatly appreciated.


Examples: Euphyllia’s, Zoanthids, Leather Corals, and Brian corals, as well as Clams



5. Various other invertebrates for Reef Tank


            This includes a multitude of Shrimp, Crabs, Snails, and Starfish.


Examples: Cleaner Shrimp, Blue Linkia Starfish, Emerald Crabs, Sea Urchins,  and Fire Shrimp



6.  Replacement and maintenance for reef and terrarium.


                        This is an on-going cost for both tanks. From filter media to light bulbs and even salt for the reef tank, there is always something needing fixed or changed. Any open-ended donation will help keep these systems up and running.





Construction Pictures Click on pictures for larger image






Circulating Pumps $240.00 ea. (need two)
Miscellaneous (including PVC pipe, Glue, hoses,


Porcelain crabs (Porcellana sayana) $15.00
Linkia sp. Starfish (Blue, orange, red) $35.00 ea. (would like a couple)
Various Clams of genus Tridacna $40-80.00 ea. (would like several)
Flame scallops (Lima Scabra) $20.00
Fire Shrimp (Lysmata debelius) $40.00 ea (would like two)
Peppermint shrimp (Lysmata wurdemanni) $10.00 ea. (would like about five)
Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus randalli) $40.00
Coral Banded Shrimp (stenopus hispicus) $15.00 ea. (would like two)
Feather Dusters (Sabellastarte giganteus) $15.00 ea.


Naso Tang (Naso lituratus) $60.00
Clown Tang (Acanthurus lineatus) $60.00
Achilles Tang (Acanthurus achilles) $100.00
Blue reef Chromis (Chromis cyaneus) $15.00 ea.
Orchid Dottyback (Psuedochromis fridmani) $100.00 pr.
Bicolor Blenny (Ecsenius bicolor) $15.00
Canary Blenny (Meiacanthus oualanensis) $25.00
Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas) $30.00
Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) $50.00 pr.
Herom of Anthias (Psuedoanthias pleurotaenia) $150.00 (for about 5 fish)
Yellow Watchmen Goby (Cryptocentrus cinctus) $60.00 pr.
Red headed Gobies (Tigrigobius puncticulatum) $20.00 ea.
Green Clown gobies (Gobiodon sp.) $15.00 ea
Masked gobies (Coryphopterus personatus) $15.00 ea
Rainfordi’s gobies(Amblygobius rainfordi) $30.00
Hectors gobies (Amblygobius hectori) $20.00
Mandarin Dragonets (Pterosynchiropus splendidus) $50.00 pr.
Flame Angel (Centropyge loriculus) $100.00
Bangaii Cardinals (Pterapogon kauderni) $80.00 pr.
Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) $20.00
Yellow coris wrasse (Halichoeres chrysus) $20.00
Twinspot hogfish (Bodianus bimaculatus) $25.00
Bicolor Goatfish (Parupeneus barberinoides) $35.00


Corals will be selected based on availability. We wish to have a wide variety of corals in the aquarium, and donations of corals are particularly welcome.

Leather corals (Sarcophyton sp. Sinularia sp. ) $40.00
Various Zooanthus sp. $20-60.00
Varius polyps (Clavularia, Pachyclavularia, $20-40.00
Small Polyp Stony corals (Acropora, Stylophora, $20-40.00 per piece (lots of variants)
Poccilipora, Seriatapora, Montipora)
Large Polyp stony Corals (Brain corals, $40-80.00 per piece (lots of variants)
Euphyllia sp., Caulastrea sp., Blastomussa, )

We can accept cash ,checks, major credit cards, electronic fund transfer and payroll deductions.

Donations can be sent to the ISU Foundation "Aquarium Fund" at the following address:

Indiana State University
Office of University Development
Aquarium Fund
360 Gillum Hall
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Checks should be made payable to the ISU Foundation. Call 1-800-242-1409 or (812) 237-3669 to arrange for credit card contributions or other means of donation. Be sure to indicate that you wish for your donation to go to the Aquarium Fund.

Also any empty or used aquariums are gratefully accepted as a donation!

Pr. refers to pairs of fish of invertebrates.

We would like to have as many of the fish as possible when we “cut the ribbon” on the tank.

Thank you for your time and help!!!!