SCRIPPS Research Cruise October 2005

A team of SCRIPPS, Mexican and ISU student researchers aboard the R/V Roger solved a mystery that has been standing for over 45 years.  ISU graduate student Chandranath Basak and undergraduate Jared Kluesner participated in the 5-day cruise.  Dredging and mapping was conducted in the Sanquintin area off the west coast of California and Mexico.  The 11th dredge during the expedition revealed a rediscovery of 'popping rocks'.  These popping rocks are very important in giving clues about rare mantle gases.  These clues will help in understanding the origin and history of the Earth's atmosphere.  Mapping revealed a new discovery of the underwater Volcano named "Krause" where the 'popping rocks' were found.   

Chief Scientists:  Barry Eakins and Dana Vukajlovich

Student Researchers from ISU:   Jared Kluesner, Chandranath Basak

News Links: 

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