New Rainforest Project!

The Rainforest is not yet fully completed.  We are waiting another couple of weeks for our new plants to fully take root.  We also need donations for our new poison dart frogs we will order.  We come a long way with both this project and the aquarium project thanks to much help!  Brian Wrightsman is the mastermind behind the projects.  With his help, and the help of many others, these projects have been made possible.  We will acknowledge everyone we everything is complete.  We have had some excellent donations from many people, and we briefly want to thank you now.  Brian Wrightsman will explain everything in the video that will soon be posted on this site.  It is VERY interesting and would be worth your time watching!  We are also planning on having a Grand Opening Ceremony to properly open the ecosystems to the public.  Keep checking back with this site to check out Brain's video and to find out the date of the ceremony.  In meantime, check pictures of the project so far!!!