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·ESEM analysis of microbial biofilms in acid mine drainage environments

·Metal uptake in trees growing at a reclaimed coal mine site

·         Affect of periodical cicadas on tree growth

·Dendro-archaeological reconstruction on the Bridger Antelope Trap

·Fire history reconstruction in a suite of Eastern Deciduous Forest tree species

·Structure, Function and Evolution of Authigenic, Methane-Derived Carbonate Ecosystems

Costa Rica

·Interdisciplinary approach to understand stable isotopic disequilibrium in benthic foraminifera                                                   

Monterey Bay

·Testing the Impact of Seasonality on Benthic Foraminifers as Paleoenvironmental Proxies                                                                    


·The ecology and geochemistry of benthic foramininfera from the Venice Lagoon, Italy.         

Venice Lagoon Project (SIOSED)- as of June 2005

Venice Lagoon Project (SIOSED) as of November 2006                                                               


·Phosphorus and carbon geochemistry of paleo-Lake Mababe, Botswana: indicators of landscape development and internal lake processes

·Phosphorus geochemistry during Cretaceous ocean anoxic events at Demerara Rise (OAE2)

·Export production in the south Pacific Ocean on glacial/interglacial time scales