Professor of Anthropology

Ph.D., Arizona State University

Phone: 812-237-2261

E-mail: Russell.Stafford@indstate.edu

Office: Science 159-O

Chairperson, Department of Earth & Environmental Systems
Director, Archaeology & Quaternary Research Laboratory

ISU Theodore Dreiser Distinguished Research & Creativity Award 2001


Course Instruction:  Prehistory & Climate Change, Environmental Archaeology, Archaeological Methods, Midwestern Archaeology, Geoarchaeology

Research Interests: Geoarchaeology, GIS, Archaeology, Lithics, Midwest Archaic

Research Profile:  My research focus is on Geoarchaeology and Midwest Archaic hunter-gatherers.  I have been interested in building models to predict the location of buried archaeological sites in the central Ohio River Valley using a soil-geomorphic approach.  In addition my research has centered on explaining the shift from mobile Early Archaic hunter-gatherers to more sedentary settlement in the Late Archaic, primarily in southern Indiana.


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