Research in Environmental Sciences at Indiana State University




Faculty at ISU are actively engaged in numerous environmentally oriented research projects.  Most of which support field and laboratory-oriented graduate and undergraduate research projects.  For more information on individual faculty research projects, visit the faculty member web page


Dr. Sandra Brake

• Microbial communities in acid mine drainage environments

• Geochemistry of coal-related acid mine drainage systems

• Plant stress associated with mining activities

Dr. Jennifer Latimer

Phosphorus and carbon geochemistry of paleo-Lake Mababe, Botswana: indicators of landscape development and internal lake processes

Phosphorus geochemistry during Cretaceous ocean anoxic events at Demerara Rise (OAE2)

Export production in the south Pacific Ocean on glacial/interglacial time scales

Paleoproductivity in the Bering Sea over the last glacial cycle

Dust iron fluxes to the south Pacific Ocean

Metal bioavailability and remobilization in stream and lake sediments impacted by acid mine drainage

Export production in the south Atlantic Ocean at glacial terminations

Dr. Tony Rathburn's Paleolab

• Geochemistry and ecology of cold methane seeps

• Development of a quantitative means by which marine methane seepage can be determined in the geologic record

• Ecological and biogeochemical responses of modern and ancient seafloor ecosystems to organic loading and low-oxygen conditions

• Relationships between environmental changes and trace element composition of calcareous microfauna

• Seasonality in deep-sea microfauna as a response to environmental changes in the water column

Dr. Jim Speer

• Use of tree-rings to reconstruct environmental variables such as fire history, insect outbreak, and climate  ( )

Dr. Elena Perez

• Cenozoic paleoceanography and paleoclimatology based on deep-sea sediments

• Ecology and paleoecology of marine microfauna

• Biogeochemistry of methane seeps