Insurance and Risk Management



The bachelor degree-completion program in insurance and risk management typically includes 62-70 credit hours. Specific courses and credit required may vary, depending on coursework transferred. To determine availability of a course for a particular semester, refer to the class schedule.

BUS 221 Introduction to Management Information Systems
BUS 305 Business Statistics II
BUS 311 Business Finance
BUS 351 Introduction to Operations Management
BUS 361 Principles of Marketing
BUS 371 Management and Organizational Behavior
BUS 401 Senior Business Experience

INS 340 Introduction to Risk and Insurance
INS 341 Life Insurance
INS 343 Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance
INS 344 Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance
INS 430 Risk Management and Insurance
INS 432 Employee Benefits

Choose three of the following courses:
FIN 333 Principles of Investments
INS 342 Health Insurance
INS 435 Planning for Business Owners and Professionals
INS 436 Financial Planning
INS 437 Insurance Seminar
INS 439 Insurance Internship
INS 449 Contemporary Issues: Readings in Insurance and Risk Management

  • BEIT 336 Business Report Writing (3 credits)
  • Courses to satisfy the University's Foundational Studies requirements
  • Fulfillment of the University's requirement for graduation with a bachelor degree.
  • Insurance and risk management majors are required to take eight additional credits of 300-400 level courses beyond the required classes for the major to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • At least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for any business degree should be taken at Indiana State University.

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Last updated 12 May 2015