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The bachelor degree-completion program in criminology and criminal justice teaches both theoretical and applied aspects of the discipline. Courses cover the criminal justice system, criminal behavior, criminal law, criminal justice administration, and the relationship of these topics to the larger society. The department offers specialized symposia on current topics of interest, and requires all students to participate in internships with criminal justice agencies.

In addition to the major in criminology and criminal justice, students receive a liberal arts education, which will equip them with effective communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and the preparation necessary to be a successful criminal justice professional and a contributing citizen of the United States and the world community.

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is multi-disciplinary, with faculty who hold doctorates in criminal justice, jurisprudence, sociology, and psychology. Faculty members also have experience as police and correctional administrators, prosecutors, probation officers, criminal investigators, correctional counselors and therapists, and criminal justice planners. The department sponsors a chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the national criminal justice professional fraternity.


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Last updated 5 August 2015