Darwin Keynote

Women In Science

The Women in Science speaker was developed to highlight the contributions that women scientists have made to research and scientific knowledge.

Tuesday 19 February 2013
Seminar begins at 4pm in S214
(cookies at 3:30)

"Soapwort is pink, harebells are blue: Studies of floral color on New Zealand mountainsides and Indiana roadsides"
Dr. Dana Dudle
Department of Biology
DePauw University

Dana Dudle, Associate Professor of Biology and former Coordinator of DePauw's Women In Science program, teaches courses in plant biology, evolutionary biology, ecology, and conservation biology. She studies the evolutionary ecology of traits associated with sex,gender, and stress in flowering plants. She also collaborates with Meryl Altman in an investigation of how metaphors such as "sex" and "gender" are used across diverse fields such as plant biology and feminist theory.

To learn more about Dr. Dudle's research visit her laboratory at http://www.depauw.edu/academics/departments-programs/womens-studies/dana-dudle/

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