Darwin Keynote

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The Indiana State University Speaker Series brings national and internationally recognized experts to the Wabash Valley. For more on the series visit http://www.indstate.edu/speaker/

Friday 29 March 2013
Seminar begins at 12pm in S012

"How did dinosaurs grow and how we know"
Dr. Kevin Padian
Department of Integrative Biology
UC Museum of Paleontology
University of California-Berkeley

Dr. Padian's work falls into four general areas: (1) Origin of major evolutionary adaptations in vertebrates. For example he tries to reconstruct the steps by which major adaptations, such as flight, arise. (2) The beginning of the ''Age of Dinosaurs.'' He is most interested in the changes in the terrestrial vertebrate fauna that took place around the Triassic-Jurassic boundary. (3) Systematics, functional morphology, and flight of pterosaurs. Pterosaurs, the first vertebrates to gain powered flight, provide many interesting keys to the evolution of posture, locomotion, homeothermy, and vertebrate adaptation. (4) Histology and constructional morphology of the bones of extinct reptiles.

To learn more about Dr. Padian's research visit his laboratory at http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/people/padian/home.php

Past Speakers

2012, Dr. Molly Cummings