Darwin Keynote


Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is the National biological honor society that is primarily for undergraduates. The society is dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study through scientific research.

Tuesday 3 February 2009
Seminar begins at 4pm in S012
(cookies at 3:30)

"EVOLUTION, CREATION OR BOTH? Big Macs, Double Elimination Tournaments, and Bowling isn’t Football: The Scientist’s Lot is Not A Happy One—Or is it?”
4th Annual Tri-Beta Speaker
Dr. Craig Nelson

Professor Emeritus of Biology
Indiana University

CRAIG E. NELSON is Professor Emeritus of Biology at Indiana University and a Carnegie Scholar. His biological research has been in evolution and ecology; teaching papers address critical thinking and mature valuing, diversity, active learning, teaching evolution and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Awards include several for distinguished teaching, the President's Medal for Excellence (IU), and Outstanding Research and Doctoral University Professor of The Year 2000

For more information visit Dr. Nelson's Laboratory at http://www.bio.indiana.edu/facultyresearch/faculty/Nelson.html

Past Speakers

2008, Dr. Jay Hosler

2007, Dr. Janet Vaglia

2006, Dr. Peter Coppinger