Darwin Keynote

Robert MacArthur

Robert MacArthur was an extremely influential ecologist during the 1960s. His emphasis on hypothesis driven research transformed ecology from a primarily descriptive field into a theory driven experimentally based discipline.

26 Jan 2010
Seminar begins at 4pm in S012
(cookies at 3:30)

“What can you learn about emerging and infectious diseases by studying deer mouse ecology for 15 years?"
Dr. Rick Douglass
Department of Biological Sciences
Montana Tech
The University of Montana

Dr. Rick Douglass, department head and biology professor at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana, Douglass, a biologist at Montana Tech in Butte, wants to know what brings the rodents into Montana houses, barns and outbuildings, where the likelihood of spreading Hantavirus to humans is far greater than in the field. Hantavirus is a respiratory disease characterized by flu-like symptoms. Humans can catch the virus from deer mice urine, droppings, saliva or nesting materials. Using capture-mark-recapture statistical methods on a ten and a half year dataset from Montana, his laboratory estimated deer mouse survival; maturation and recruitment rates; and tested the relative importance of seasonality, population density, and local climate in explaining temporal variation in deer mouse demography. From these estimates, he has designed a population model to simulate deer mouse population dynamics given climatic variables and compared the model to observed patterns.

For more information visit Dr. Douglass's laboratory http://www.mtech.edu/clsps/biology/faculty.html

Dr. Rick Douglass's Photographs at Indiana State University

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