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Life Science Initiative

Life science is the study of life. The Life Science Initiative focuses on biological research that is used to improve the human condition (e.g. new medications, new medical technologies, and agricultural improvements). This series will focus on the how basic science can improve health care.

Tuesday 24 March 2009
Seminar begins at 4pm in S012
(cookies at 3:30)

“Blood cells are derived from endothelial cells but endothelial cells are not derived from blood cells”
2nd Annual Life Science Initiative Speaker
Dr. Mervin C. Yoder

Distinguished Alumnus
Herman B. Wells
Center for Pediatric Research
Indiana University School of Medicine

Yoder, a physician and educator in the field of pediatrics, earned a Master of Arts degree in life sciences from Indiana State in 1976. He went on to medical school at the Indiana University School of Medicine, earning his degree in 1980, and completed post-graduate training in pediatrics and neonatology at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

In 1985, he returned to the IU School of Medicine, this time as an educator. He began as an assistant professor of pediatrics and in 1990 was promoted to assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology. He also was appointed to the graduate faculty at the medical school in 1996.

Yoder teaches courses in biochemistry, neonatology, pediatrics, cellular and molecular biology. He has supervised more than 30 junior faculty, doctoral fellows and graduate students' research, dissertation and thesis projects as well as overseeing undergraduate research.

He currently is a professor of cellular and integrative physiology and Director of the Comparative Medicine program at the IU School of Medicine in addition to being the attending neonatologist at IU Hospitals and Wishard Memorial Hospital. In 2004, he was named the Richard and Pauline Klinger Professor of Pediatrics.

Yoder is a member of numerous organizations, including the American and Indiana Boards of Pediatrics, Indiana Neonatal Society, Midwest Society of Pediatric Research and the American Society of Hematology.

For more information visit Dr. Yoder's Laboratory at http://www.wellscenter.iupui.edu/body.cfm?id=76

Dr. Yoder's Seminar at ISU

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