Keynote Speakers

Spring 2015 Department of Biology Seminar Series

“From Molecules to Ecosystems”
All seminars begin at 4pm in S214*
(cookies at 3:30)

* Some seminars will begin at 7pm, please check the schedule for time and location.

Date Speaker
13 January Organizational Meeting
20 January Dr. Manyuan Long, University of Chicago,
“New Genes Drive Phenotypic Evolution: Little did We Learn from Metazoans and Plants”
27 January Dr. Andrea Grunst, Indiana State University
“Condition-dependence, reproductive strategies and the expression of multiple sexual pigments in the yellow warbler (Setophaga petechia).”
03 February Dr. Chris Martin, Indianapolis Zoo
“Comparing the cognition of great ape species through computerized touch-panel tasks”
10 February TBA
17 February Dr. Melissa Grunst, Indiana State University
“Sexual signaling, adaptation and the adrenocortical stress response”
24 February David Wooten, Washtenaw Community College
Darwin Day Speaker
“Darwin: Books, Beetles, and Blasphemy”
03 March Dr. Alvaro Gurovich, Indiana State University
“Exercise-induced blood flow patterns and endothelial function and gene expression”
10 March Dr. Jeong-Ho Kim, George Washington University
Gram Microbiology Speaker
17 March Spring Break
24 March Dr. Jack Turman, Indiana State University
Why are we so concerned about early periods of brain development"
31 March TBD
07 April Dr. Ryan Jensen, Brigham Young University
MacArthur Ecology Speaker
14 April Dr. Alan Bergland, Stanford University
"The genetic basis of life-history variation and adaptation to temperate environments in Drosophila"
21 April Dr. Robin Kimmerer, SUNY-ESF
Earth Day Speaker - 7pm University Hall