Darwin Keynote

Double Helix Day

Double Helix day is in recognition of the discovery of the shape of DNA. It honors James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin, and Maurice Wilkins. This discovery has lead scientists in a quest to identify and understand an organism’s genome.

Tuesday 13 April 2010
Seminar begins at 4pm in S012
(cookies at 3:30)

Dr. Oliver A. Ryder
Director of Genetics
San Diego Zoo’s
Institute for Conservation Research

Oliver A. Ryder, Ph.D. holds the Kleberg Genetics Chair at the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species, Zoological Society of San Diego, where he heads the Genetics Division and is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at the University of California, San Diego. Active research interests include mammalian molecular evolution and comparative primate genomics. He participates in conservation efforts for mammalian, reptilian, and avian species. He directs the development and utilization of the "Frozen Zoo," a unique genetic resource bank incorporating more than 5000 specimens representing approximately 400 species and subspecies. He is currently the President of the American Genetic Association, and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Heredity and Conservation Genetics. He is a member of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Recovery Team for the endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep, the Przewalski's Horse Global Management Working Group, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association Small Population Management Advisory Group, the IUCN-World Conservation Union’s Equid Specialist Group, Reintroduction Specialist Group, and Tapir Specialist Group.

To learn more about Dr. Ryder's research visit his Laboratory at

Dr. Oliver Ryder's Photographs at Indiana State University

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