Darwin Keynote

Diversity in Science

The Diversity in Science Speaker was founded in order to honor the accomplishments of scientists from all races, religions, and gender. The contributions of minority scientists have been typically overlooked when chronicling the history of science.

Seminar begins at 4pm in S012
(cookies at 3:30)

"Kenya's Health Status: the Challenge of Meeting the Millennium Development Goals"

  Dr. Kennedy N. Ondimu
Department of Geography
Edgerton University, Kenya

Dr. Ondimu is a dean and associate professor in the department of geography from Edgerton University in Kenya. Dr. Ondimu’s areas of research interest include population dynamics and health outcomes, health impact assessment, child wellbeing, health outcomes from urban poverty and forced migration, gender issues in health, population growth and natural resource management in Kenya. Dr. Ondimu has authored several books that connect sociological, cultural and demographic factors which drive behaviors and the barriers to cultural change.

Past Speakers

2010, Dr. Maydianne Andrade

2009, Dr. Scott V. Edwards

2008, Dr. Tyrone Hayes