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Diversity in Science

The Diversity in Science Speaker was founded in order to honor the accomplishments of scientists from all races, religions, and gender. The contributions of minority scientists have been typically overlooked when chronicling the history of science.

Tuesday January 21 2014
Seminar begins at 4pm in S012
(cookies at 3:30)

"How to be a Bad Mother, Optimally: Coevolution in the Bolivian Lowlands."

  Dr. Gerardo Camilo
Department of Biology
St. Louis University

Dr. Camilo investigates the role that space has on ecological processes and structures. Most of his work centers around populations and communities in the tropics. In Nicaragua, he is working in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve where two indigenous groups live, the Miskito and the Mayangna. This is large collaborative project with the St. Louis Zoo and the Missouri Botanical Garden. The main question they are investigating is the role that the indigenous people have in the conservation of the reserve. Specifically, he is trying to determin if the hunting rates that they are currently observing are sustainable over longer periods of time. They use wildlife transects, remote sensing, and data collected with indigenous hunters to assess those patterns. More recently, he started collaborations with researchers in Bolivia to apply similar spatial analysis techniques to conservation issues ranging from the Bolivian Amazon to the Andean altiplano.

For more information, visit Dr. Camilo's website at http://www.slu.edu/department-of-biology-home/dr-gerardo-camilo

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