Dr. John Maerz

25 January
Dr. Sarah Redmond, DePauw University

"Genetic control of chicken innate immune response and resistance to Salmonella enteritidis"

Dr. Redmond is a post-doctoral researcher and part time faculty member in biology at DePauw University. She is interested in identifying genetic factors that affect the immune response, particularly innate immunity, and the genetic regulation of energy partitioning for developmental and regenerative/healing processes. Dr. Redmond completed her PhD in genetics at Iowa State University, where she received honors for her efforts in both teaching and research.

1 February
Dr. Pascal Lafontant, DePauw University


15 February
Dr. John Maerz, University of Georgia

Salamander Ecology in a Rapidly Changing World

Dr. Maerz is an associate professor of vertebrate ecology in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. Dr. Maerz is interested in population, community, behavioral, and evolutionary ecology. His research program uses amphibians and reptiles to understand the effects of terrestrial and aquatic environmental change on wildlife. Dr. Maerz and his students focus on the effects of nonnative species invasions, land use and climate change. He is also starting several research projects to understand the influence of amphibians and reptiles on terrestrial and freshwater ecosystem processes. Dr. Maerz is a member of the University of Georgia’s Graduate Faculty, Honors Faculty Mentor Network, a Writing Fellow, and regularly teaches undergraduate courses in Animal Behavior, Herpetology, Natural Sciences Research, Sustaining Human Societies and the Natural Environment.
Visit Dr. Maerz's website at: http://www.uga.edu/maerzlab/Site/Home.html

1 March
Dr. Danielle Greer, Saint Mary-of-the-Wood College

"Ecology from a multi-scale perspective benefits conservation planning for the endangered whooping crane"

Visit Dr. Greer's website at: http://www.smwc.edu/directory/faculty-and-staff/danielle-greer

22 March
Mr. Youssef Aachoui, Indiana State University

"Study of Novel Phytol-based Adjuvant for Immune System Activation"

15 April, at 2 PM in S214
Dr. Mike Lannoo, IU School of Medicine-Terre Haute

"On the Cusp of the Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction: The Life and Death of the Hoosier Frog"

26 April
Dr. Esteban Fernandaz-Jurcic, Purdue University

"The role of avian vision in predator-prey interactions: integrating physiological and behavioral perspectives "

Visit Dr. Fernandaz-Jurcic's website at: http://estebanfj.bio.purdue.edu/

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