Mr. Peng Fu,

PhD student at Indiana State University

Peng Fu received his B.S. degree in
Geographical Information System from Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China, and completed his Master's program in Geography at Indiana State University in Aug. 2014. He won the Meritorious Award in American Mathematical Contest in Modeling 2011 and was also awarded a first place in the EORSA 2014 held in Changsha, China. He has a strong education background in imaging and geoinformatics, especially in remote sensing image analysis, data mining, mathematical modeling, GIS, and computer programming. His current research focuses on the urban environmental change, climate change, as well as spatial and temporal modeling. Now he is seeking for his PhD degree in Geography. More information available at


Ms. Wei Huang,

PhD Student at Indiana State University

Wei Huang received her B.S. degree from Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, China, majored in Geographical Information System. After that, she obtained her M.A. degree in Geography from SUNY Binghamton University, focusing on urban heat island modeling. She started her Ph.D. program at ISU in 2015 Fall. Her research interests are information extraction from RS imagery, watershed modeling , spatial and temporal analysis. 


Ms. Yitong Jiang,

PhD Student at Indiana State University

Yitong started her doctoral study at ISU since 2011, and is expected to graduate in fall 2015. Dr. Qihao Weng is her adviser. Her current research focuses on estimating the surface moisture condition in urban area. She also served as a teaching assistant in ENVI110 Introductory to Environmental Science lab, and is an instructor in ENVI130 World Cultures and Environment fall 2015. She worked as a research assistant for Dr. Kevin Czajkowski and received her Master’s degree in Geography and a GIS certificate from the University of Toledo in 2010. The title of her thesis is Identification of sewage sludge injection application on harvested agricultural fields using Landsat TM data. She majored in Land Resources Management, and graduated from China Agricultural University in 2007.


Mr. Hung Ha Quang,

Student at Indiana State University

Hung Ha Quang earned his B.S. degree in geologic remote sensing and mineral exploration from Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (, Hanoi, Vietnam in 2007. Later, he obtained his M.S. degree in Applied Earth Sciences where he employed various remotely sensed data (multispectral / hyperspectral remote sensing) in mapping earth surficial composition from faculty ITC, University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands ( In 2015, Hung started his M.A. in Geography at Indiana State University focusing on time series analysis of remotely sensed data for land use and land cover changes, and association between impervious surface and urbanization.


Mr. Yanhua Xie,

PhD Student at Indiana State University

Yanhua Xie received his Bachelor’s from Southwest University, China, majored in Geographical Information System. After that, he started Master’s Education in the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on the simulation of remotely sensed images (Visible and Infrared). He came to Indiana State University to receive his Ph.D Education in September, 2013 (supervised by Prof. Qihao Weng). His research interest mainly focuses on estimating housing, using spectral characteristics to estimate residential construction (with LiDAR and/or high resolution optical imagery, such as IKONOS) and population (with night-time imagery).


Ms. Lei Zhang,

PhD Student in the joint doctoral program between China Scholarship Council and Indiana State University

Lei Zhang is a PhD student at State Key laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing at Wuhan University, China. Currently, she studies at ISU with the joint doctoral program between China Scholarship Council and ISU from Dec. 2014 to Nov. 2016. Her research interests include time-series classification and change detection in remote sensing images.


Mr. Yuanfan Zheng,

PhD Student at Indiana State University

Yuanfan obtained his B.S. degree
from the Department of Geosciences, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou, China in 2008, and M.A. degree in Geography from Department of Geosciences and Environment, California State University in 2011. He started his PhD program at the Department of Earth and Environmental System, Indiana State University in 2012. His main research interests are applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in urban feature extraction and urban land use classification, as well as the LIDAR technology.