Seed Grant

The Center for Urban and Environmental Change intends to provide modest funds (2-3K each) for faculty and their students to conduct pilot research and to prepare proposals for extramural funding agencies. Funds may be used for student wage, data collection and analysis, materials and supply, and travel, but not for faculty stipend. A proposal of 1-2 pages should be submitted to Dr. Qihao Weng, detailing:

  1. research needs
  2. rationale
  3. project objectives
  4. personnel and duties
  5. work plan
  6. budget summary
  7. rationale for granting programs/agency selection.

Decisions for awards will be made within a month after a proposal is received.

Recipients are requested to send a proposal through CUEC for external funding at the end of the grant period, and to forward to the CUEC a brief report on the accomplishments and activities shortly after termination of the grant period. In addition, any publications or presentations/exhibits, which result from this project, should carry a statement acknowledging the assistance of the Center for Urban and Environmental Change, Indiana State University.

Past Recipients

Dr. MaryAnn McLean, Assistant Professor of Life Sciences, ISU, “Can adaptation by urban fungal isolates to higher temperatures in urban oak forest be explained by alterations in enzyme production?”.

Ms. Hua Liu, Doctoral Student of Geography, ISU, "The Effects of Landscape Covers as Patterns on Urban Thermal Conditions in Chicago IL, Indianapolis IN and Terre Haute IN

Dr. James Speer, Assistant Professor of Geography and Geology, ISU, “Stand-Age Structure and Disturbance History o the Big Thicket Biological Preserve: Examining Successional Dynamics and the Role of Disturbance”.

Dr. Michael Angellitta, Associate Professor of Ecology, ISU, “Biological Effects of Urban Heat Islands”.