Brown Bag Series

Brown Bag Series - II Fall 2008
Date Time Presenter Topic
24-Sep 12:00 Dr.Lu Satellite-based Observation of Forest Regeneration and Structure in the Brazilian Amazon
24-Sep 12:30 Dr. Angilletta Developing a spatially-explicit theory of behavioral thermoregulation: from computer simulations to field experiments
1-Oct 12:00 Jing Han Object-oriented Building Extraction and Three-Dimensional Representation of Building Temperatures in Indianapolis, U.S.A.
1-Oct 12:30 Cyril Wilson Predicting surface water quality and its relation with urban land cover changes in the Lake Calumet area, Greater Chicago
8-Oct 12:00 Roland Andrew Worthington The impact of charter schools on demographic change.
8-Oct 12:30 Xuefei Hu An Object-Based Approach for Classification of Impervious Surfaces from High Spatial Resolution Imagery
15-Oct 12:00 Minjuan Cheng Feature extraction using object-oriented method
15-Oct 12:30 Vijay Lulla Hyperspectral Image Analysis for urban forestry
22-Oct 12:00 Todd Sink Gentrification and Land Value Characteristics in South Chicago, 1990-2000
22-Oct 12:30 Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar Visualization towards Knowledge Extraction
29-Oct 12:00 Brian Cox UHI and its influence on thunderstorm development and intensification
30-Oct 12:30 Neil Toth Analysis of urban wild fire interface Rudiso, New Mexico using Remote Sensing and Dendrochronology Applications