Collaborative Projects

Below are the collaborative projects in which the majority of co-leads and key contributors can participate in.

  • "EXPloitation of Land surface temperature Images for CITies": Generate spatio-temporal LST datasets at 1km/15min resolution for urban heat islands analysis, monitoring, and modeling to be applied to 11 cities globally (including 6 supersites: Athens, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Istanbul, Beijing, Hong Kong).
  • External Advisory Board includes SB-04 co-leads from Europe, USA (NASA, NOAA, USGS) and China. Under review.

Affiliated Projects

The listed Projects below are the ones in which at least two SB-04 team members take part in, and the projects contribute to the overall goals of SB-04 for 2012-15.

  • GED4GEM (UNIPV, JRC, DLR) - "A Global Exposure Database for GEM": development of an exposure database for the Global Earthquake Model, able to include globally available remote sensing based data layers, once available.
  • DRAGON 3 (KTH, UNIPV, DLR) - "Urbanization project": use of European and Chinese EO data to monitor the urban expansion and environmental conditions in selected areas of the P.R. China.
  • The USGS NLCD project is completing the national land cover map for 2011. The change maps including urban land cover and impervious surface between 2006 and 2011 will be provided for the entire United States. In all, we will go to change maps from 2001 to 2011.
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Marshall Space Flight Center Interdisciplinary Science Project, "Combining satellite data and models to assess the impacts of urbanization on the continental United States surface climate"
  • ABCC (CEODE, CAS & JRC): National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) project of "Comparative Study on Global Environmental Change Using Remote Sensing Technology".