Portfolio of Data Products

The listed information below are the essential data products for the urban site initiative.

Raw Data

  • VHR SAR (TerraSAR-X);
  • Landsat data;
  • VHR Optical data (e.g., IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView Imagery);
  • VIIRS/Suomi NPP

Thematic layers

  • Urban extent;
  • Urban extent change maps;
  • Essential environmental variables (land surface temperature, emissivity, albedo, vegetation cover, impervious surface);
  • Urban morphology (built-up structures, average distance between built-up structures, classification).

Potential data users

1. Local/regional/country scales;

  • Involved institutions(meaning users) in the super cities (urban and spatial planning).
  • Local/regional/national environment and planning agencies.
  • EU directorate general regional policy (DG REGIO).
2. Global scale;
  • UN-Habitat.
  • World Bank.
  • Science community.


  • Hot spot areas in terms of (urban) phenomena addressed by SB-04.
  • High expected benefits for broad range of SB-04 products.
  • Existing study sites (data, local knowledge & contacts/cooperation).
  • Interactions and leveraging with SB-02 (Global Land Cover), SB-03 (Global Forest Observation), SB-05 (Impact Assessment of Human Activities), DI-01 (Informing Risk Management and Disaster Reduction), HE-01 (Tools and Information for Health Decision-Making), HE-02 (Tracking Pollutants), EN-01 (Energy and Geo-Resources Management), CL-01 (Climate Information for Adaptation), and WA-01 (Integrated Water Information including floods and droughts), and EC-01 (Global Ecosystem Monitoring). Collaboration with SB-02, SB-05, HE01, HE-02, and CL-01 is a high priority.
  • Global stakeholders (e.g., UN Habitat, World Bank)
  • Local stakeholders (e.g. countries, cities, districts)