The University's official colors remain blue(PMS 293)and white

PMS 293

Blue Palette

The blue palette is comprised of a dark blue, a medium blue, and a light blue. These colors should dominate, with the dark blue being used primarily. The dark blue provides strong contrast with the light blue, while allowing the medium blue (which is the blue in the Indiana State University logo) to stand out.

Dark Blue
PMS 295
Medium Blue
PMS 293
Light Blue
PMS 298

Supporting Palette

Colors in the secondary palette are to be used very sparingly—as accents only. There should only be one secondary color in a publication or per spread of a multi-page publication.

PMS 1375
PMS 178
PMS 390

Additional Grounding

Warm Gray 11 is another option as a grounding color. It can be used (sparingly) with one of the secondary colors

PMS 11