Consultation Services

Information for Parents, Faculty and Staff

Consultation Services

Parents, as well as faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to consult with SCC staff if they believe a student is experiencing distress and would like information or guidance about how best to help. To consult with one of our psychologists, please call our office at 812-237-3939 and ask to speak to an available counselor.

For information about what to do in the case of an emergency, please see our Crisis Intervention page.

The SCC provides a brochure titled "Students in Distress: A Referral Guide", which discusses signals and "red flags," highlights intervention guidelines in assisting students, and provides a list of referral sources on campus. Please also refer to the following information on this page regarding warning signs, how to refer students for services, and ideas about how to talk to students about your concerns.

Using Our Services

The primary role of the Student Counseling Center (SCC) is to provide mental health counseling to enrolled students. However we also provide consultation services to the campus community as well as to parents. As a faculty member or parent, you have the most contact with students and are likely to be the one who notices changes in their mood or behavior. Identifying significant mental health concerns early is important for providing the best treatment.

The following are a few common warning signs that a student may need assistance:

If you notice these, or other concerning signs in a student, and would like to help, please talk with the student about your concerns, and encourage them to come to the SCC for a free and confidential evaluation. Information about referring students for our services is below. If you are unsure what to do, how to talk to a student, or whether a student’s behavior is an indication of problems, the SCC staff are available to consult with you as described above.

Tips for Providing Help to Students

If you have become concerned about a student, whether that student is a person in a class you teach, or your own son or daughter, you may wish to talk to the student about your concerns. The following are some suggestions to help the conversation go more smoothly.

Referring a Student

When you are concerned about a student, encourage them to use the services of the SCC. There are several ways to make a referral.

As always, if you are concerned about a student, but are unsure how to proceed, please call the SCC to consult with one of our counselors.

For information specific to suicide click here.