The Department of Chemistry and Physics offers four degree tracks in chemistry, including ACS-certified and pre-professional, and three in physics, including chemical and engineering physics.


Both the chemistry and physics programs emphasize research experience for undergraduates. Chemistry and physics majors can earn elective credits for participation in a research project with a faculty member. Many students in both programs are employed as paid research assistants throughout the academic year or participate in the 10-week Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) Program.

Student Employment Opportunities in the Department

The Department employs a large number of students in the lecture rooms, teaching labs, stockroom, and Science Help Center. See the student employment opportunities website for more information, including descriptions of the available positions.


ISU has active chapters of the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates and the Society of Physics Students.


Prospective students and parents may contact the department to request a tour or to visit with faculty or an academic advisor.


The Department of Chemistry and Physics provides comprehensive, student-centered education leading to Bachelors degrees in chemistry and physics. Students gain knowledge and problem-solving skills through rigorous lecture and laboratory course work as well as through challenging independent research experiences. We are committed to preparing students to pursue careers as scientists, engineers, teachers, and health professionals. We contribute to the scientific literacy of students in other disciplines through our general education courses. Faculty advance knowledge through their own research and provide service to the University and scientific communities, as well as to the public.