Indiana State Cheer Team

The 2013-14 Indiana State University Cheer team has a diverse group of students including ISU freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Below are the members of the ISU Cheer squad:

Katy Balch, Dylan Reed, Quanay Richardson, David Enteman, Kelly Rhodes, Jase Allsup, Tyler Yando, Victoria Trosper, Brooklyn Sibley, Briel Robinson, Jenna Jones, Alli Pell, Cody Brown, Forrest Gaylan, Brennan Hadley

Head Coach:  Tammy Schaffer

Attention Cheer Team Members!

The four following pieces of music can now be downloaded for you convenience to help review and practice for your upcoming year!  Please take advantage of the music while it is available, as it will not be available for long!

important instructions

To successfully download the song files, right-click on the respective link and select 'Save Link As'.  Then, select the file folder where you would like to save the song and click the 'Save' button.  Once your file successfully downloads you will be able to use it at your discretion.