2013 Featured Speakers

Speakers listed in anticipated order of appearance.

Monday September 23rd

Pauline K. Brennan, Ph.D.

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
University of Nebraska Omaha

Rachel Hall 2

Monday September 23rd

Rachel Hall, Ph.D.
Department of Communications
Louisiana State University

"Wanted Dead: On the Refusal to Publicly Display Images of Bin Laden’s Corpse"

Gray Cavender 2

Monday September 23rd

Gray Cavender, Ph.D.
School of Social Transformation
Arizona State University

"Tough on the Outside, Mom on the Inside: The Social Construction of Policewomen on Reality Television."

Alyce Knit Pic

Tuesday September 24th

Alyce McGovern, Ph.D.

            University of New South Wales            Sydney, Australia

"Woolly Warriors? Yarn bombing, guerilla knitting, and the subversive stitch"

Felicia Miyakaw 2

Tuesday September 24th

Felicia M. Miyakawa, Ph.D.
School of Music
Middle Tennessee State University

We Ain't Just Rappers, We Changers of Black Situation": COINTELPRO, Black Nationalism, and the Legacy of Resistance in Five Percenter Rap

Tuesday September 24th

Michelle Brown, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology
University of Tennessee

"Violence, Vulnerability, and Visual Criminology"

Michael Rodriguez, Ph.D.
College of Arts and Sciences
Boston University

"Satire Works: Social
Policy and Political Engagement in The Colbert Report

Anita Chan
Wednesday September 25th

Anita Say Chan, Ph.D.
College of Communications
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

" Hackers, Pirates, and Shamen?: Representing Technological Vanguards at the Periphery"
Patricia Adler 2

Wednesday September 25th

Patricia Adler, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology
University of Colorado Boulder 

"The Impact of the Media on the Social Transformation of Self-Injury"



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