2012 Featured Speakers

Speakers listed in anticipated order of appearance.

Lisa Wade

Lisa Wade, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology
Occidental College

""The Girl Doesn't Expect Anything...": How a Media Manufactured Sexuality is Shaping Campus Sexual Culture" 


Cherstin M. Lyon, Ph.D.
Department of History
California State University, San Bernardino

"Suspect Citizens, Civil Disobedience, and the Propaganda of Patriotism and National Security during World War II and Today"


Amy E. Cook, Ph.D.
Department of Theater and Drama
Indiana University

"Cognitive Science, Casting, and the Construction of Narratives of Blame"

Andrea Quijada Pic

Andrea Isabel Quijada

Executive Director
Media Literacy Project

"The Color of Crime: Race, Media, and Prisons in the U.S."


Maggie O'Neill, Ph.D.
School of Applied and Social Sciences
Durham University

Photo-ethnography, Visual Methods and Interventions in Public Policy: Community Politics and Resistance in DTES Vancouver"

L. Paul Sutton, Ph.D.
School of Public Affairs
San Diego State University

"Film Making Criminology: Breaking 'True'"

Elizabeth Castle, Ph.D.
Native Studies Department
University of South Dakota



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