Transportation to and from the Indianapolis International Airport


(e2Taxi Shuttle Reservation Links found at end of Instructions below. Very important that you read and follow the instructions)

Shuttles run only between the Indianapolis International Airport and the Hilton Garden Inn in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Shuttle Reservation Deadline: Thursday September 18, 2014 by 4:00 pm est


e2Taxi shuttle Rates:

Roundtrip Reservation: $60.00 U.S. (each trip must be booked seporately)

One-way Reservation:   $30.00 U.S.


(When making airline departure reservations please allow for 90 - 120 minutes travel time to the airport in addition to the regularly recommended arrival time of 2 hours before departure time.

NOTE: Passengers traveling on direct international flights arriving at or departing from Indianapolis will be cleared by U.S. Customs and federal security officers immediately after landing.

An average, customs inspection and clearance takes 20 minutes. Once cleared, passengers retrieve their bags in the International Arrivals on the south end of Baggage Claim.

e2Taxi Shuttle Reservation Instructions

This year instead a shuttle van with specific pickup times you will each be able to book a taxi that will keep track of your individual flight arrival and departure times and be there when you land.  Normally a one way taxi ride from the Indianapolis Airport to Terre Haute Indiana would cost you $110. This company will only be charging each individual $30 one way. Note these are not fees that you can split with another passenger. Each person will have to pay the $30 fee no matter how many people are riding in a cab. Further you will pay the drive so make sure you have the proper amount of money with you and/or a credit card that will work in the United States.


You will have to book your taxi from the Indianapolis International Airport to Terre Haute Indiana Hilton Garden Inn by Wednesday September 18th. You will need to book your return trip from the Terre Haute Indiana Hilton Garden Inn back to the Indianapolis International Airport ahead of time as well.  These are separate reservations so if you are planning on using our taxi service both ways you will need to make one reservation from the airport to the hotel and then a second one from the hotel to the airport.


To make your reservations please go to the website provided below. You will not be asked to pay when you make your reservation. You will pay the taxi driver. Make sure you have your receipt with you at the airport and if the drive mistakenly asks you for the normal rate of $110 remind them you are with the Indiana State University Crime and Media Conference and that the one way rate is $30.




-     When you make each of your reservations make sure you use your cellphone number and not an office or home number if at all possible. This will make sure the driver and/or dispatcher can properly track you and contact you upon your landing at the airport.


     - Also please use the following when making your Airport Shuttle Reservations through e2 Taxi as instructed in previous email:


    o    Airport Address: 7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46241


    o   Hotel Address: 750 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47807


-  Remember it can take 90 minute to 120 minutes to reach the airport depending on traffic. So make sure you allow this amount of time for travel to the airport plus an addition hour or two for processing at the airport before your set departure.

     -  It is very important that while completing your reservation information that in the additional information box which appears on the second screen of the reservation process that you state that you are with the Indiana State University Crime and Media Conference and that you provide the following information. If you do not you will be charged the normal $110 when you arrive.


  o   Indiana State University Crime and Media Conference-one way fee of $30

  o   Cell Phone Number

  o   Airline

  o   Flight Number

  o   Approximate Arrival Time at the Indianapolis International Airport

  o   (For return trip reservation provide your departure time. )


This will help the drivers track your arrival and make sure they are there waiting for you.


NOTE: When you make your reservation you will receive a notice stating that you will be charged $110 - $140 for your one way trip. This notice is due to the way the taxi companies reservation system is set up. As long as you have followed the instruction above and inserted the information indicated in the additional comments section you will only be charged $30 for a one way trip.


    -   When you arrive at the airport proceed to the baggage claim area. Once you have acquired your luggage take the escalator to the next floor and take the walkway to the ground transportation building. This walk way is recognizable by its bright and colorful running lights. At the very end of the walk way you will pass through a set of glass doors into a parking structure. You will go up three to four steps and the taxis will be waiting in this area. The Taxis will be labeled e2 Taxi and the cab colors are bright green and white.


Book Your Taxi Reservation by September 18th, 2014


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