Energize Downtown

Indiana State University (ISU) values its community partners and is working together to revitalize downtown Terre Haute and the neighborhoods surrounding campus.  These efforts are enhancing the campus environment for students and creating opportunities for economic development throughout the community.

The University has partnered with the City of Terre Haute, the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Terre Haute, Inc. and others to identify methods by which ISU can best affect the redevelopment of downtown.  We are already succeeding as a catalyst for revitalizing the city core through ongoing projects such as the ISU Barnes & Noble bookstore, ISU Foundation offices, and the Scott College of Business.

The Energize Downtown team continues to concentrate on a retail recruitment strategy and supporting the Downtown Cooperative Growth Initiative for existing downtown merchants.  Much work has already been completed in studying the current market conditions of the district, the feasibility of locating a potential business accelerator downtown, and developing a retail recruitment strategy compatible with the college population.

To learn more about the ISU Strategic Plan and Energize Downtown, please contact us.