George & Marion Johnson Scholarship


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The GEORGE AND MARION JOHNSON MANAGEMENT SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1992 by their daughter, Mary R. Feiler. The George F. Johnson and Marion D. Johnson Charitable Trust was originally established by their son, George F. Johnson III, who died in April 1987. Mr. George F. Johnson was a salesman for Kraft Foods before he formed a partnership to manufacture potato chips in 1940 in Chicago. In 1943 he established Chesty Foods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in 1945 Mr. and Mrs.Johnson founded Chesty Potato Chips in Terre Haute. He later merged his Terre Haute business into Fairmont Foods, Inc. and served as director of Fairmont Foods and Gateway Industries, Inc. Marion Callahan Johnson died in October 1972 and George F. Johnson died in October 1983.

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