Executive Dining Experience

Spring 2012

The Executive Dining Experience is a very special event held only once each semester, and it provides a group of outstanding business students with the opportunity to network with and learn from six to seven business executives representing a variety of industries.  A complimentary dinner is provided for attendees.

This spring, the Executive Dining Experience took place at The Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  Transportation was provided for students to and from the dinner.

The Skyline Club was a beautiful networking and dinner location overlooking the city.

The networking/social time is the first event of the evening.  This meet and greet time allows students to practice their networking skills with executives.

Each student meets and talks with each executive, making conversation and learning about the executives and their backgrounds along with other business topics.


The Executive Dining Experience also allows students to practice their dining etiquette by enjoying a delicious dinner compliments of the Executive Dining Experience sponsor.  During dinner, students will discuss topics such as how to achieve success in business.

Denny Sponsel, president and owner of RJE Business Interiors, sponsors the evening.