marketing specializations

The marketing major at Indiana State University prepares you for a successful career in the dynamic and exciting world of marketing by offering you the opportunity to design through consultation with an assigned faculty advisor, an individualized specialization that meets the student's educational goals.

Potential specializations may include:

  • Business Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Retail Management
  • Nonprofit and Services Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Professional Selling and Sales Management
  • General Marketing
  • Distribution Management
  • Brand Management
  • Franchise Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Purchasing Management
  • Public Relations

Tailor-made specializations are always available to the marketing major.

Business Marketing

Students interested in business marketing can obtain a career in sales, service, product design, marketing research or one of several other positions. Often a technical background is beneficial. These positions provide marketing services from one business to another business.

What is business marketing?

International Marketing

More and more companies are realizing that, simply to survive, they must compete worldwide. As U.S. firms increase their international scope, they need people who are familiar with foreign cultures. Students who are willing to travel to, or relocate in foreign cities are valuable resources to global oriented companies.

What is international marketing?


There are 100's of career opportunities available in advertising. Employment opportunities, however, are highly competitive. Often a background in English, journalism, or psychology is beneficial. Copywriting, media buying, and client relationships are examples of advertising-related positions. Advertising sales is an entry-level position that many marketing graduates select as a first step toward building a track record in the field.

What is advertising?

Retail Management

Retailing provides graduates with an early opportunity to experience marketing responsibilities. Retail personnel manage the sales force and other personnel, select and order merchandise, and are responsible for promotional activities, inventory control, store security, and accounting.  Large retail stores have a variety of positions, including department manager, buyer, and store manager. In some small retail establishments, one manager may perform several different marketing activities.

What is retail management?

Nonprofit and Services Marketing

Marketing is currently attracting the interest of nonprofit organizations such as colleges, health care facilities, law enforcement, museums, and symphonies. Many of the marketing concepts previously applied by profit-seeking corporations are being applied to solve problems facing the nonprofit marketplace. The changing consumer attitudes in America and decreasing financial resources have caused many institutions to turn to marketing as a solution.

What is nonprofit and services marketing?

Marketing Research

Marketing researchers interact with managers to define problems and identify the information needed to develop decisions. Career opportunities exist with manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, trade & industry associations, marketing research firms, advertising agencies. Marketing research requires many different skills: statistics, data analysis, and both written and oral communications.

What is marketing research?

Professional Selling and Sales Management

There are numerous career opportunities in sales. Some selling positions focus more on providing information, while others emphasize locating potential customers and closing sales. Nearly all organizations sell. Sales positions can be found in a wide variety of organizations, including manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, insurance, real estate, and many types of service businesses.

What is professional selling & sales management?