Networks Financial Institute

Dissertation Fellows

2004 - 1st Networks Insurance Reform Summit

Dissertation Fellowships at NFI are positions awarded to eligible doctoral students in the final year of their PhD or DBA program who are writing on topics related to financial literacy or financial education, or in financial services, especially financial regulation or financial regulatory reform.

Joanne W. Hsu

Joanne W. HsuJoanne W. Hsu is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of Michigan. Her dissertation investigates how individuals strategically acquire financial literacy in response to incentives such as the prospect of widowhood. For the past two years, she has also been a member of the project team of the Cognitive Economics Survey, led by Robert J. Willis. This study links the economic behavior of older Americans to their financial sophistication and cognition, and Joanne has been involved through its various phases, including the development of the survey instrument and the management of newly collected data. She earned her bachelor's degree in Economics and International Relations from Brown University.

Ishani Tewari

Ishani TewariIshani Tewari double-majored in nuclear engineering and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where her undergraduate thesis examined pricing schemes for nuclear waste disposal. Following this, she worked as a research analyst in the Banking section at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's Research department. Currently, Ishani is pursuing a PhD in Economics at Brown University. Her research interests are financial development and economic growth, with a particular interest in banking and regulation.



Image: 1st Annual Insurance Reform Summit (2004)