Networks Financial Institute


2004 - 1st Networks Insurance Reform Summit

NFI has designated significant funds to sponsor and support researchers, industry leaders, and students in their work.

Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows are sponsored leaders from the academic, public or private sector interested in contributing to the thought leadership of the financial services industry through case studies, executive-in-residence activities, speaking engagements, research liaison roles, outreach program leadership and more: NFI continually seeks recognized leaders who are interested in sharing their wisdom, experiences and leadership.


Fellows are sponsored researchers from the academic, private or public sector with established expertise and credibility in one or more of NFI's mission-critical research areas: NFI is committed to generating new, applied research in its target areas. NFI is also committed to supporting the work of the industry's leading thinkers.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are faculty at other institutions of higher learning but are in residence at Indiana State University for periods of six to nine months conducting their research on campus during the academic year. These scholars also collaborate with ISU faculty on common research interests. NFI's work with visiting scholars enhances its commitment to add valuable research in its targeted fields.

Dissertation Fellows

Dissertation Fellowships at NFI are positions awarded to eligible doctoral students in the final year of their PhD or DBA program who are writing on topics related to financial literacy or financial education, or in financial services, especially financial regulation or financial regulatory reform.

For specific information on fellow opportunities currently available with NFI, please contact John Tatom at

Image: 1st Annual Insurance Reform Summit (2004)