Staff Directory

Associate Vice President for Financial SERVICES

Associate Vice President for Financial Services: Domenic Nepote

University Bursar: Laura Jenkins

Bursar Operations Specialist: Kathy Modesitt

E-Commerce/Systems Accountant: Laura Jenkins

Administrative Assistant: Lori Holycross

Fiscal Operations

Fiscal Operations Director: Mary Walker

Accounting Unit Supervisor: Terri Wilson

Accounting Unit Supervisor:  Holly Garrett

Student Account Supervisor: Peggy Evans

Collections/Perkins Loan Supervisor:  Danielle Crim

Collections/Perkins Loan Specialist:  Jacki Vandivier

Student Services Assistant II:  Kathy Stone

Student Services Assistant II:  Paula Long

Student Services Assistant II:  Whitney Stanfield

university receivables/systems management

Associate Bursar: Pam Corbin

Accounting Unit Supervisor: Jerri Gorham

Accounting and Auditing Associate: Brad Barnett

Accounting Unit Supervisor: Traci Hoopingarner

Special Programs/projects

Non-Traditional/Special Programs Accountant: Jon Glick

Accounting and Auditing Associate: Barry Overpeck