B.O.S.S. Teachable Moments


During every Monday general body meeting we or have a guest speaker inform us of accepts of life and help guide us to grow as a brotherhood, increase knowledge of our community, and teaches us more about ourselves as well.

Teachable Moment #1

Why Am I in College: images/Why Am I in College.pptx

This presentation asked the members the reasoning why they are have come to college and their goals after graduating as well.

Teachable Moment #2

Proper Dress in Proper Settings: Proper Dress Attire

This presentation explains the different styles and forms of dress attire in proper setting of professionalism.

Teachable Moment #3

Interview, Resume Building, and Networking: Tips of Interviewing.pptx

This presentation gives a clears view of how people function during an interview, how the resume's are built and what college would what on them and how networking is essential in college