Blumberg Center for
Interdisciplinary Studies in Special Education

promoting achievement for students with sensory loss (PASS)

Blind, low Vision, or deafblind

distance education

self assessment on distance education and computer technology

 Prepare Yourself

Complete Is Distance Education for Me?

Complete Computer Skills Self-Assessment


 Prepare Your Computer

Computer System Requirements

Check to determine if the computer you will be using for your online course(s) has the necessary hardware.
Internet Service Provider

Secure internet connectivity from a local internet service provider or you may choose to connect through your university if you are a local student.
Browser Settings

You must ensure that Java and JavaScript have been enabled for your browser and that your cache is set to reload every time. Failure to enable Java and JavaScript will cause problems with logging on and with chatting. Failure to set cache to reload every time will result in not being able to see the most recent posting.

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