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Interdisciplinary Studies in Special Education

indiana deafblind services project

training module:
learners with low vision or blindness

Joan Houghton, Ed.D.

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Instructional Evaluation - Discussion List


Above Expectation:

Completes ALL 6 "Tasks for Completion and Discussion" assignments. The learner demonstrates and understands which students qualify for vision services; the function and nature of the visual system; the critical role visual conditions have on learning; common causes of visual impairments for young learners and learners with deafblindness; identifies medical or clinical visual assessments; identifies and conducts educational vision assessments and screenings; and implements results from conducting an environmental assessment that meets the student's needs.

Meets Expectation:

Completes four out of six "Task for Completion and Discussion" assignments. The learner can generally identify which students would be candidates for vision services; summarize ideas involved in understanding the visual system and the relationships between visual conditions and vision assessments; and understand the results of the environmental assessments to meet the student's needs.

Below Expectation:

Completes less than four "Task for Completion and Discussion" assignments. The learner recognizes what students would qualify for vision services under the federal and state laws; understands the critical role vision conditions have for students; understands the differences among medical vision assessments, educational vision assessments, and vision screenings; and recognizes how to make environmental changes to meet the student's needs.

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