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training module:
learners who are deaf OR hard of hearing

Joan Houghton, Ed.D.

Module Description - Instructional Outcomes - Instructional Events
Instructional Evaluation - Discussion List


To complete this module, you will need to:


Study the module: Learners Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.


Study other resources and report on additional information related to the module topics. (See the section, "For More Information" listed after every question in this module.)


Complete the "Tasks for Completion and Discussion" included in this module.

Tasks for Completion and Discussion

There are six "Tasks for Completion and Discussion" activities that you will be asked to respond to throughout Module Three. These tasks are designed to assist your understanding and provide opportunities for implementation, additional practice, and reflection on the topic content. Additionally, if you would like more information about the content for each of the questions included in the Module Index, resources are listed at the end of each question in the "For More Information" section and in the Bibliography.



What are the legal definitions for learners who are deaf or hard of hearing?
(Task for Completion #1)


What are the different sections and parts of the auditory system?
(Task for Completion #2)


What are the common types and severity of hearing losses?
(Task for Completion #3)


What are the common causes and conditions of deafness or hearing loss?
(Task for Completion #4)


What are the common types of clinical or medical, and educational assessments used to determine hearing losses?
(Task for Completion #5)


What are some informal environmental assessments that would help my learners who are deaf or hard of hearing use their residual vision or other senses to learn best?
(TASK for Completion #6)



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