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The Indiana Deafblind Services Project with various consultants in the area of deafblindness have developed a series of training modules for teachers, parents and paraprofessionals working with students who are deafblind. These modules are tied to Indiana Professional Standards for teachers and the objectives from the Competencies for Teachers of Learners Who Are Deafblind that were developed by members from the Perkins National Deafblind Training Project published in 1997. They can be reviewed for general knowledge or, when completed in full with all of the associated assignments, can be taken for CRUs or credit toward Indiana Professional Development Portfolios.

bullet item Collaboration Achieves Travel Success Module
bullet item Introduction to Learners with Deafblindness
bullet item Learners who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
bullet item Learners with Low Vision and/or Blindness
bullet item Person Centered Planning Module 1: Understanding the Process
bullet item Person Centered Planning Module 2: Using the Process to Achieve Better Student Outcomes


bullet item Deafblindness and Communication Strategies
Presenter: Karen Goehl, Project Director
Indiana Deafblind Services Project

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