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indiana deafblind services project

advisory committee

The Indiana Deafblind Services Project has a 25 member advisory committee consisting of family members, consumers, administrators, teachers, state agency personnel, early interventionists, an IHE representative. Advisory committee membership runs for the entire grant period with the understanding that members have an annual opportunity to decide if they would like to continue serving as a committee member. If members resign, new members reflecting the same affiliation are selected from a pool of recommendations by the resigning committee member, project staff and other committee members.

The committee meets, as a whole, two times per year. Facilitated meetings are conducted to aid the committee in addressing project concerns and evaluating project activities. Designated committee members who have indicated an interest in particular topics meet as needed to review and assist project staff in planning activities or developing products.

Advisory Committee Members

bullet item    Kathy Ashley, MS, CRS, IPP/Training Coordinator, Bosma Enterprises

bullet item    Hillary Bates, Deafblind Consumer

bullet item    Becky Brehob Bucker, Parent

bullet item    Jodee Crace, Parent

bullet item    Pat Edwards, Parent

bullet item    Michele Grossman, Severe Disabilities Supervisor, Indianapolis Public Schools

bullet item    Sally Hamburg, PTI Representative, IN*SOURCE

bullet item    Vicki Hershman, Technology Project Representative, PATINS

bullet item    Toni Hughes, Director of Outreach and Related Services, Indiana School for the Blind

bullet item    Walt Lewis, Chairperson, School of Education, University of Evansville

bullet item    Sarita Martin, Deafblind Consumer

bullet item    John Merbler, Chairperson, Special Education Department, Ball State University

bullet item    Jessie Mines, Parent

bullet item    Mandy Nelson, ISD Representative, Indiana School for the Deaf

bullet item    Marilyn Ogan, Parent

bullet item    Tom and Peggy Ogren, Parents

bullet item    Karla Pettett, Parent

bullet item    Edrose Potts, Parent

bullet item    Kathleen Robertson, Mentor Teacher

bullet item    Natasha Pulley, Consultant, Bureau of Child Development

bullet item    Gen Shelton, Early Childhood Specialist

bullet item    Linda Strunck, Mentor Teacher and Family Specialist

bullet item    Carlos Taylor, Adaptive Computer Technology Specialist, Ball State University

bullet item    Denise Thompson, Itinerant HI Teacher

bullet item    Ken Walker, External Evaluation Consultant, Ex-Officio Advisory Committee Member


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