Application for the following scholarships may be submitted though the College of Arts and Sciences. Application materials can be obtained at the College of Arts and Sciences website.

The Dr. William P. Allyn Science Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. William P. Allyn, Professor and Chair of Zoology (now part of Biology). Dr. Allyn was involved in education for the health professions. This award is for students with financial need who have a sophomore or higher standing at the time of selection. First priority will be a recipient interested in and likely to be qualified for acceptance into medical or dental school. In the absence of such a candidate, the award can be given to an outstanding life sciences or chemistry major.

The Floyd M. and Margaret A. Dickey Pre-Dental Scholarship

This scholarship honors the parents of Dr. Keith W. Dickey. Dr. Dickey's parents graduated from Indiana State Teacher's College in the 1930's, and Dr. Dickey himself graduated from ISU in 1972. He is currently a Professor of Dentistry and Director for Dental Auxiliary Utilization in the School of Dental Medicine at Southern Illinois University. The recipient will be a sophomore or junior pre-dental student at ISU with demonstrated integrity and professionalism. Financial need may be used to decide between multiple candidates.

The following scholarships may only be obtained by Department nomination.

Please read the requirements for each scholarship carefully. There is one departmental form for these scholarships. Students may apply for more than one scholarship. as applicable.

PDF Application form for the following scholarships

Donald and Mary Jo Stanley Scholarship for Biology Majors (about 15 scholarships/year) & the Donald and Mary Jo Stanley Scholarship for Science Teaching Majors (about 8 scholarships/year)

These scholarships were established by Mary Jo Stanley in 1989 in memory of her husband, Donald Stanley. A native of Terre Haute, Mr. Stanley earned a Baccalaureate degree in 1931 and a Master's degree in 1945 from Indiana State. He was a teacher and principal at Fairmount High School prior to accepting a position as a food chemist with Campbell Soup Company. He retired from Campbell Soup in 1973 as Assistant Director of Project Standards. Mrs. Stanley is a native of Peru, Indiana, and was graduated from Chili High School and Central Business College. She was employed as a secretary by Peerless Electric Supply Company for many years, later retiring from the Indiana Employment Security Division after 28 years of service.

To be eligible, the student must meet the following criteria:

Note to Science Education majors: Only one Professional Practice scholarship, usually carrying a higher dollar amount, is awarded per academic year. If the Professional Practice semester is the spring semester, students must also apply for the general scholarship for fall semester classes. Biology has 4 Stanley Scholarships which are available. Science Education has two $500 Stanley Scholarships for Science Teaching Majors at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels; and one $1000 Stanly Scholarship for the student teaching semester.

The Dr. Leon and Ernestine Blum Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. Leon and Ernestine Blum. Dr. Blum was Director of the Terre Haute Medical Laboratory and served as Adjunct Professor at ISU from 1968-1983. During this time he played a major role in establishing and directing the Medical Technology (now Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Program at ISU. The recipient is a student in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program who is deemed deserving by reason of financial need and academic performance.

The Dr. Syd S. Husain Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. Syd Husain. Dr. Husain was Professor of Life Sciences and served as director of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program for many years. The recipient will be a student in the Department of Biology who is deemed deserving by reason of financial need and academic performance.

The Dr. William J. Brett Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. William J. Brett. Dr. Brett was Professor of Life Sciences from 1956 to 1994, and served as Chair for many years. During his career at ISU, Dr. Brett maintained on ongoing interest in quality teaching. He established this award to encourage talented individuals to enter the teaching profession. The recipient will be a junior or senior with a declared Biology teaching major.

Estate of Rachel Lehman fund

 This scholarship is to be used for training of medical technologists.


This scholarship honors long-time Indiana State University faculty member and radio and television host, Dr. William Hopp. Dr. Hopp graduated from Garfield High School and earned a bachelor's degree in science from Indiana Teachers College. He earned master's and doctorate degrees from Purdue University. For three decades Dr. Hopp's weekly television show was broadcast to Wabash Valley residents, introducing them to all manner of wildlife.



This scholarship honors Dr. Jack Munsee. Dr. Munsee was a Professor in Life Sciences from 1959 to 1987. He was very active with a number of environmental organizations and supported many conservation causes throughout his career. The recipient will be a freshman with financial need majoring in environmental or ecological studies. This scholarship remains renewable if at least a 2.5 GPA is maintained by the current recipient. Open to freshman students in Biology with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The Dr. Jing Chen Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors the late Professor Jing Chen and is currently in development. Donations are welcomed and should be addressed to the Indiana State University Foundation in care of the Department of Biology, Jing Chen Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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